Portfolio Analysis

What is  Portfolio Analysis ?

Investing in equities requires time, knowledge and constant monitoring of the market. For those who need an expert to help to manage their investments, portfolio advisory services (PA)comes as an ideal choice.

The business of portfolio management has never been an easy one. Juggling the limited choices at hand with the twin requirements of adequate safety and sizeable returns is a task fraught with complexities.

Given the unpredictable nature of the market it requires solid experience and strong research to make the right decision. In the end it boils down to make the right move in the right direction at the right time. That’s where the expert comes in. 

About our Portfolio Analysis

Smart Investor  is one of India’s oldest portfolio advisors with over a decade of experience. Our Portfolio Advisory comes as an answer to those who would like to grow exponentially on the crest of stock market, with backing of an expert.

We, at Smart Investor, measure our success through the success of our clients. Whatever be your requirement, we will tailor your portfolio to your specific investment need.

At the very base of a financially sound portfolio lies the identification of one’s investment objective. We help you identify your investment objectives and also outline important requirements like liquidity, capital appreciation, current income, time span and fiscal implications and then suggest an appropriate scheme.

How do you benefit from our Portfolio Advisors?

  1. An Investment Relationship Manager will ensure that you receive all the services related to your investment needs
  2. A dedicated website and a customer services desk allows you to keep a tab on your portfolio’s performance
  3. Your portfolio is tailored after a thorough research backed by the expertise from the Equity Research team
  4. An experienced team of portfolio managers ensure your portfolio is tracked, monitored and optimised at all times
  5. The personalised services also translates into zero paper work and all your financial statements will be e-mailed

How do we do it ?

            Client signs a Confidential agreement with us
            Client provides us list of assets
            Client defines the Rate of Return / Period of investment
            Ravina gives options, tracks plans and gives best solution


We have a product for every investment need and period. Following are the offerings:

            Large cap focus portfolio
            Midcap Portfolio
            Small Cap Portfolio

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