Friday, January 22, 2010

Learn2trade and Gain BSE / NSE

Ingenioius Investor – Investment Advisory Division of Ravina Consulting. Intelligent Investment Ideas for Indian Investors has been helping Investors for the last 2 decades having extensive knowledge about the Indian Capital markets. Ravina Consulting is a Management Consulting firm engaged in providing professional advise to the clients. Intelligent Investor is a Division of Ravina Consulting exclusively focused on providing research based support to enable Intelligent Investors to make wealth from the Financial markets in India. This program is designed with a view to help the Indian investor keen on making money in the markets The operations have started since the boom of 1984 and with our experience of more than 25 years we have perfected the art of giving the best Portfolio Management / Investment Advisory Services. Follow us – COURSE TITLE : Learn2trade and Earn / ABCs of Stock Market Investing OBJECTIVES • Understanding Indian Financial Markets • BSE – How it functions • NSE – How it functions • Commodities Exchange – How it functions • Foreign Exchange - Basics • Sectoral Indices • Global Indices to track • Technical Analysis • Long term / Short term investing • Day traders delight how to win and time the market 1 . Portfolio - Creating & tracking PROGRAMME CONTENTS The course has 1 modules consisting of 30 sessions each conducted online of 30 lectures / sessions followed by an assessment. Out of which 15 are theoretical in nature and 15 are practical applications. TOOLS & TECHNIQUES : We provide you with tools and explain the techniques to track the market and make money. We have the following investment options : 1. Long term investment – with holding of more than 12 Months 2. Short term investment – with holding of more than 1 month 3. Weekly investment – mostly BTST with holding of 1 week 4. Day trading – how to trade and make money PARTICIPANTS' PROFILE This program is designed for everyone who is keen to enter the Indian Stock markets – B S E or N S E Qualification : A candidate wishing to undergo this program should be conversant with English and able to understand the program contents. Candidate should have basic knowledge of working on computers and is work with MS office and familiar with internet browsing. Method of Delivery Web-based / Online / telephone one hour for each session. The online sessions will be based on the presentations / study material sent to the candidates at the time of registration. Study Material A well researched and informative set of study material is given to the students. A simple and easy to understand style of reports makes it easy even for the novices to know about the nuances of the Indian Share Market. The Study Material will be sent by hard copy / soft copy. For a Demo Class contact us now ! Ravina Consulting B-429 Mahaveer Tuscan Hoodi Circle, Whitefield Mahadevapura Post BANGALORE 560084 or call 08105737966